About Us

Scobo was founded by Kate Maxted and Raymundo Cornejo to address the need to deconstruct the current illiquid and geographically concentrated hiring model by offering individuals and corporates access to skilled and competitively priced experts around the world.

Our Mission

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Every year, companies spend billions of dollars hiring over qualified individuals simply because of their education of background. We aim to deconstruct this practise, opening up the market to new talent and skills.

We believe people are greater than the sum of their parts. With more widely available and cost effective access to internet connection, we reach affordable talent in previously inaccessible corners of the world. We aim to offer a choice to the under privileged. We aim to rebalance the disparity of the current employment market but deconstructing it and providing an alternative to low paying physical jobs that can separate individuals from their communities and families and expose them to potential exploitation while offering low risk access to top cost effective skills and expertise for your projects.

Work ethically, choose Scobo.