Frequently Asked Questions

Common FAQs

How to register?

Select your preferred registration type (Client or Expert) then enter your details. Scobo will send you an email to verify your identity for security purposes (valid ID required) and once this is approved you are all set.

How to post a micro project?

To post a micro project, sign up as a Client and complete your profile. Select the ‘Post a Job’ option, select the preferred duration. List as much information as possible about the micro project to ensure you are matched with the most suitable Experts and follow the steps through to posting your live micro project.


It’s completely free to sign up as a Client or Expert and there is no fee to post micro projects. Once a micro-project is agreed, Scobo will charge  USD $5.00 flat rate Under $100, for the payments  $100.00 and above 5% of the total micro-project value upon payment.


All payments are done via credit card through the website and held in escrow until released by the Client and subject to deductions and fees. For any issues regarding payments please email Charges are in USD.

How to report an issue?

All technical issues can be directed to

I am not happy with the service provided!

Scobo aims to amicably resolve all issues between Clients and Experts. If you have an issue with the quality or service of the micro project, please email the full details to and our team will aim to respond within 48 hours.